HeavyMetal Battle Armor

HeavyMetal Battle Armor 1.3

HeavyMetal Battle Armor is the latest in the HeavyMetal program series
1.3 (See all)

HeavyMetal Battle Armor (we like to call it HMBA for short) is the latest in the HeavyMetal program series, and the first to include many new features that will eventually migrate to the other programs. These features include advanced Configurations (like Omnis, only for Battle Armor) that include multiple weapon and equipment loadouts in a single file, provision for running multiple HMBA instances at the same time to compare designs, specialty ammo, print preview and more.
HeavyMetal Battle Armor is the only Official Battle Armor design program, and is capable of designing all battle armor types and sizes, using rules published in the Classic BattleTech Companion. Battle armor ranging from Light (Power Armor) designs weighing less than 400 kg to the largest Assault designs weighing as much as 2 metric tons can be designed, as well as Quad designs.

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